Debbie Mims – Loan Partner, Pre-Underwriter

Debbie has been in the mortgage industry for just under a decade as a processing assistant. Being a part of making a client’s dream of owning a home come true is very fulfilling to her. Debbie gathers the initial checklist from the client, follows up on DocuSign disclosures, orders title and surveys, and gathers all essential documents needed to continue the loan process. She enjoys spending time with my husband, children and grandchildren.


Corban Hunt – Loan Partner, Post Underwriting

Corban’s role at Texas Premier Mortgage is defined during the post-underwriting phase of the loan process.  She is responsible for the first review of your loan to be sure all items are met from the initial checklist, and once the loan is submitted, then gathers conditioned items.  She is also a point of contact for the client and assists with keeping the client updated during this process.  She and her husband enjoy baseball and hockey, jazz, and spending time with family.


Courtney MaGee – Senior Processor

As a processor at Texas Premier Mortgage, Courtney truly enjoys helping new clients realize their dream of home ownership- and she does everything in her power to ensure that all loans are processed successfully and on schedule.  When she is not helping clients, Courtney enjoys going to community events and spending time with her family.


Kevin Hunter – Loan Officer

Kevin has a strong desire to meet his borrower’s needs, with a great emphasis on his customer service and communication throughout the buying process. With his personalized service he is able to connect with local families, making the buying transaction easy to navigate by catering to their specific needs. With time off he spends it with his wife and three children at soccer, homeschooling, and taking the family to the beach.